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 Os facilito un enlace. al acceder en el encontrareis diferentes juegos inteactivosrelacionados con los contenidos gramaticales trabajados en clase

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Completa las siguientes cuestiones y haz clic en el botón -Corregir Ejercicio- para obtener la corrección de este ejercicio.
Q1 of 10: Last night we _____        (walk) to the cinema.
Q2 of 10: Sam _____                       (stop) the car to take a picture.
Q3 of 10: I _____                          (study) for the exam for three hours.
Q4 of 10: They _____                             (be) happy to be home.
Q5 of 10: Sally _____                          (be) disappointed she _____ (miss) the party.
Q6 of 10: When I was young, we always _____                       (go) to Florida for the summer.
Q7 of 10: Dan _____                   (not/work) last week.
Q8 of 10: _____ you _____ (wash) the dishes?
Q9 of 10: I _____             (dream) I could fly last night.
Q10 of 10: We _____                  (meet) them at the restaurant.

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 Hello ! here there are somo pictures that may be are useful to review the descriptions of the unit 3. Remenber to use
- there is /are
- prepositions
- some /any

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1. He (write) his homework last Sunday.
2. Mary (not go) to school last week.
3. you (play) basketball two weeks ago?
4. I (study) French last year.
5. They (buy) a new flat last month.
6. John (take) his driving test yesterday but he (not pass) it.
7. Tim (go) to Paris last summer.
8. your parents (meet) at university?
9. When I (be) a child, I (speak) German.
10. We (see) him yesterday but he (not see) us.

Completa cada frase con el verbo indicado en el pasado simple:

Principio del formulario
1. Yesterday I basketball for three hours. (to play)

2. I in Chicago for three years.(to live)

3. My cousin to buy a new jacket. (to want)

4. I to learn Swedish, but it was too difficult for me. (to try)

5. Linda reading that book in two days. (to finish)

6. My brother a book from my father. (to borrow)

7. I meeting your parents. (to enjoy)

8. My sister her hand while she was cooking. (to burn)

9. The workers the door. (to close)

10. I my room last night. (to clean)
Final del formulario

1. Dan (leave) very early today.
2. Sam and Sue (buy) a new house last month.
3. I (visit) Germany the previous week.
4. You (play) very well.
5. They (find) this book on their trip to Italy.
6. I (bake) this cake by myself.
7. We (open) the store in 1987.
8. The rain finally (stop), and we (go) home.
9. She (plan) to come, but she (have) some problems.
10. Kate (have) a big house, but she (sell) it.
11. Rose (be) very thin.
12. You (be) at work yesterday morning.
13. We (think) New York was in England!
14. They (bring) this from their trip.
15. She always (dance) in the summer

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Have you got apples?
2. He doesn't want sugar in his coffee.
3. I always drink orange juice in the morning.
4. She hardly ever eats meat for lunch.
5. Would you like coffe or tea?
6. I need oranges for the cake.
7. He never drinks milk.
8. I don't need help with the bags, thanks.
9. I have got relatives in Canada.
10. Can you lend me money, please?

    1. There are …………… letters for you.
    1. Is there …………… news from Harry?
    1. Have we got …………… bread for breakfast?
    1. Would you like …………… more coffee?
    1. There are …………… alternatives to do the exam.
    1. …………… people relieve anything they read in the papers.
    1. We don’t have …………… shirts in your size.
    1. The employees didn’t paint …………… building.
    1. …………… of the tourists missed the trip.

    1. There is hardly …………… petrol in the tank.
    1. I haven’t made …………… mistake in the test.
    1. …………… of the money is missing.
    1. She doesn’t have …………… plan for tonight.
    1. I have travelled to Paris without …………… problems.
    1. …………… cities were destroyed during the war.
    1. I haven’t seen my father for …………… years.
    1. …………… children were playing in the street.
    1. The government didn’t take …………… measure to solve the crisis.
  1. There were …………… 200 tourists in the museum.

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1.      There ________  many animals in the zoo.
2.      There ________  a snake in the window.
3.      There ________  a zebra in the grass.
4.      There ________  lions in the zoo, too.
5.      There ________  many baby lions near their parents.
6.      There ________  a bird next to the tree.
7.      There ________  many monkeys in the trees.
8.      There ________  an elephant in the zoo.
9.      There ________  some water in the lake near the elephants.
10.  There ________  birds in the zoo.
11.  There ________  many people visiting the animals today.
12.  There ________  many children, too.
13.  There ________  some grass under the tree.
14.  There ________  bananas in the tree with the gorilla.
15.  There ________  many birds near the gorilla.
16.  There ________  a rock near the tree.
17.  There ________  many sharks in the aquarium.
18.  There ________  an eel in the aquarium, too.
19.  There ________  lots of water for the fish.
20.  There ________  many creatures to see at the zoo.
1. There _____ thirty students in my class.
2. There _____ some books in my bag.
3. There _____ some computers in the library.
4. There _____ a blackboard in the classroom.
5. There _____ a CD player on our teacher´s desk.
6. There _____ some posters.
7. There _____ some dictionaries in the classroom.

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